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November 05, 2021
Shandong (Qingdao) Cemetery Construction and Funeral Supplies Exhibition 2021
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Propaganda intensity: Various methods, various channels, high density and high intensity invite professional audiences to come and visit

1. Professional invitation: The investment team will use the professional buyer database accumulated by the organizing committee to confirm by telephone, fax the form and send the invitation by the audience organization department of the conference.In the form of "VIP invitation" to customers;

2. News promotion: hold promotion conferences and press conferences in target cities, and conduct all-round media promotion;

3. Mailing advertisements: through exhibition organizations, professional media, etc., directly mail visit invitation letters to relevant enterprises, purchasers and professionals at home and abroad to ensure that effective customers with decision-making ability and purchasing strength come to the conference;

4. Ticket-giving plan: print invitations, invitations, visit tickets, posters and other promotional materials, and invite them through door-to-door visits, hand-delivery, etc.;

5. Group invitation: cooperate with local industry associations, funeral homes, cemetery funeral malls, and organize visiting groups to visit, negotiate, and trade;

VI. Exhibition publicity: choose to participate in relatively large-scale and influential industry exhibitions at home and abroad for publicity and audience organization;

7. Supporting activities: Organize relevant technical exchange meetings, new product supply-demand matchmaking meetings, etc. at the same time, and invite persons in charge of relevant enterprises to the meeting;

8. Media promotion: The organizer will reach cooperation with professional paper media and websites at home and abroad to carry out strong media promotion;

9. Outdoor advertising: Hang outdoor billboards and banners in urban traffic arteries and professional markets.
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