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November 05, 2021
Shandong (Qingdao) Cemetery Construction and Funeral Supplies Exhibition 2021
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¡ôCemetery cemetery: business cemetery cemetery, cemetery buildings, cemetery sculptures, cemetery supplies, cemetery Buddha statues, cemetery protection, etc.:
¡ôTombstones and stones: Chinese tombstones, European-style tombstones, Japanese-style tombstones, American tombstones, artistic tombstones, granite tombstones, marble tombstones, shaped tombstones, monument products, mausoleum accessory products, landscape stone, slate, tombstone porcelain statues, porcelain statues Equipment, tombstone carving equipment, stone processing equipment, raw materials, etc.:
¡ôCremation equipment: cremation machine, cremation furnace, exhaust gas treatment, etc.:
¡ôRefrigeration equipment: ice coffins, peace cabinets, deceased refrigerators, etc.:
¡ôCoffin: Environmental protection paper coffin, honeycomb paper coffin, sanitary box, etc.:
¡ôCream urn: cinerary urn, longevity box, urn protective cover, urn bucket, cinerary rack, etc.:
¡ôAntiseptic equipment: dead body antiseptic, desiccant, antiseptic liquid, gramin, disinfection machine, antiseptic spray liquid, ashes protection pills, etc.:
¡ôShouyi: Shoumao, shouxie blanket, filial cloth, filial clothing, shroud machinery and equipment, sewing machine, lace machine, etc.:
¡ôElectronic equipment: funeral and funeral cannons, sacrificial flowers, tie lines, notice screens, portrait screens, mourning music players, etc.:
¡ôSacrifice supplies: electronic wreaths, cloth wreaths, bright wreaths, paper wrappers, silk flowers, funeral inflatables, incense, bamboo horns, micro-smoke incense, smokeless incense, craft incense, Indian incense, material incense, high incense , Incense, tower incense, Tibetan incense, etc.:
¡ôWax candles: craft candles, smokeless candles, lotus candles, bucket candles, crystal candles, butter candles, ordinary candles, etc.:
¡ôRaw material equipment: incense making machinery and raw materials, candle machinery and raw materials, paper making machinery and raw materials, Buddha sculpture equipment, etc.:
¡ôFuneral vehicles: domestic funeral vehicles and imported funeral vehicles, etc.:
¡ôFuneral services: funeral software, corpse safety, antiseptic and disinfection, funeral rituals, corpse transportation, corpse plastic surgery, funeral flowers, ashes burial funeral electronics, etc.:
¡ôThe greening of the cemetery: pine trees, cypress trees, locust trees, camphor trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses, etc.;
¡ôMemorial items: jewelry, oil paintings/photos, handicrafts, paper products, diamonds, pet funeral supplies, etc.: 

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