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November 05, 2021
Shandong (Qingdao) Cemetery Construction and Funeral Supplies Exhibition 2021
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[Exhibitor recommendation] Wuxi Anmei Light Industry Co., Ltd. invites you to participate in the 202
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   无锡安美轻工有限公司成立于2020年5月6日,注册资金1000万元。安美轻工是一家从事熔喷布生产销售的企业。公司已拥有20条高效1600熔喷布生产线,设备高标准高质量,产出的熔喷布能稳定达到PFE99,BFE99,FFP2级过滤标准,日产达到20至30吨。 公司专注熔喷布生产,证件齐全,各种规格可以订制,盐性检测和油性检测均能达到出口级别



Wuxi Anmei Light Industry Co., Ltd. was established on May 6, 2020 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Anmei light industry is an enterprise engaged in the production and sales of meltblown cloth. The company has 20 efficient 1600 melt blown cloth production lines with high standard and high quality. The output meltblown cloth can stably reach pfe99, bfe99 and FFP2 filtration standards, and the daily output can reach 20 to 30 tons. The company focuses on the production of meltblown cloth, with complete certificates, various specifications can be customized, salt and oil detection can reach the export level

Since its establishment, Anmei light industry, adhering to the "craftsman spirit", has invested in the research and development and improvement of melt blown fabric process. The company hopes to achieve the goal of producing and selling international high-end melt blown fabric through the joint efforts of all staff, and make a modest contribution to global epidemic prevention.

We believe that the focus on quality and integrity, let us "Anmei" brand go further, we will continue to treat new and old customers in good faith, and make contributions to human health together.

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